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Have you ever had a Dr. Pepper? A taste that only a 12 year old can love. Other than the title this video from San Francisco offers everything we like.

An instant classic by Edward Claire and featuring Josh Mclaughlin, Athen Mccrary, Matthew Martin, Mason Coletti, Koan Hernandez, James Levinski, Brian Powderly, Jake Slater, and Chris Athans.

There is a million board brands out there but Baker Skateboards really seem to get more shine than others nowadays. A nice little edit featuring Andrew Reynolds, Spanky, T-Funk, Elissa Steamer & more.

“A special tribute celebrating the life and legacy of Keith Hufnagel. Video by RB Umali and music by Hanni El Khatib.” – enough said.

The Jacky crew visited SF for a friend’s wedding, and came back with this clip for Spitfire. Filmed by Phil Zwijsen featuring Jarne Verbruggen, Val Bauer, Bram De Cleen and Frank Gerwer.

We can’t decide if the VHS/Hi8 style of video making is dead or if it doesn’t matter if the video is made well.

We can say that it is always cool to see people skate in SF and that it has been a while since we heard a soundtrack like this one.

Press play and watch “No Time To Shoot”


The only question left would be – why did we have to wait so many years for a new Duffel part? – but the answer you will find HERE. Corey looks so good on a skateboard and we really hope that there is more to come in the very near future. We don’t like to use the phrase but this is a must-watch!

Photo by Alex Pires.

Atlantic Drift went Pacific. Welcome to San Francisco the gentrification capital in the world Another amazing edit by Jacob Elliot Harris. If skateboarding would be an IQ test then Sylvain Tognelli would be the genius.

Feat.: Remy Taveira, Kyron Davis, Tom Knox, Chris Jones, Nick Jensen, Casper Brooker and everyone’s new favorite Mike Arnold.

A little glimpse of San Francisco from Sam Zentner’s lens, with its freaks and geeks mixed in.

Featuring the likes of Ty Beall, DJ Rosa, Noah McManus, Seth Ramirez, Kyle Nicholson, Vince Duran, Pablo Carranza, Drake Johnson, Nick Rudzinski, Roger Krebs, Kevin Braun

What is more important than your friends, even more importantly faraway friends? No a whole lot and that is what this edit delivers. Catching a glimpse of faraway friends slaying some hella cutty spots.

Glad to see Brian Delatorre back on those hills again!

YES! YES! YES! The world rejoices, we thought it would never come, even when we heard last year that Mr. Gerwer had been skating hard. We didn’t want to believe (because of the possible let down) but it happened. A “new” Frank Gerwer part has hit the net. It spans all those years you saw nothing and he was out doing something. The best thing is it does not contain any newer footage which leaves us hoping for another part (in ten years or so).

Photo by Captain’ Conso

Dennis Busenitz, over and over again. This time he is skating the legendary “3up 3down” and “3rd and Army” spots in SF, in a compilation. If you ever get the chance to skate the 3up spot, make sure to climb up the wall and look through the window, into the building. It’ll be worth it!

Here is to skateboarding’s very own Dennis Busenitz. A Documentary about the fastest guy in skateboaring. Watch what Jason Dill, Erik Ellington, Donny Barley, P-rod & a lot more have to say about Dennis:

This new full part does not only show Dennis Busenitz rushing through San Francisco but also several always welcome guest appearances. Especially Marc Johnson ensures some moments of enthusiasm.

Brian Anderson is having a moment and we pretty much enjoy that. One of the best to ever do it just recently got on Anti-Hero skateboards. His first ad in Thrasher Magazine:
Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-16 um 13.43.08

We are not sure what ever happend to 3D Skateboards but running your own company can be pretty intense. Let’s hope for some new footage of Brian, maybe from one of his first “18” Trips. For now, we are going back in time with his ‘Day In The Life’ video for Crailtap:

Photo by Gabe Morford.

Ben Gore found a “thing”, a thing that was probably always around in SF. The scooter makes for a nice natural little element, an element that you could find in your own city. But you could also find your own, if you live in Berlin you could go skate all the mattresses that were put out on the street and if you live in New York you could skate some broken furniture, some already do though but in this part Ben and Zach took that “thing” to a new level.

Photo by CHAMI

5 minutes with the Supreme team – take your time and watch the whole squad destroying spots in the bay area. Pop Shove-it BS 50-50 at Clipper? Insane!

Spots come and go, but Clipper is forever.

— Jake Phelps

Die Clipper High School in San Francisco wird demnächst behindertengerecht umgebaut; den umfangreichen Umbaumaßnahmen wird auch die berühmte Ledge auf dem Schulhof zum Opfer fallen. Die Kollegen vom Thrasher Magazine nutzen am vergangenen Wochenende die verbleibende Zeit und luden zum #bustorbail Best Trick Contest – gekommen ist das Who is Who der Szene und Tricks fielen quasi im Minutentakt. Eine absolut würdige letzte Session – hier kommt das passende Video mit unter anderem Paul Hart, Daniel Lutheran, Jaws, Mark Appleyard und Shane O’Neill:

Hier findet ihr außerdem die komplette Fotogallerie.