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Some of you might know Brett from the Pathways video that he filmed, others may know him from his Berlin visit last summer. If you ever get to know Mr. Nichols you will immediately see that he is one of the nicest most motivated people on and of the board. During his Berlin visit he was mostly filming but this footage shows how smooth he is on the board.

photo by Ryan Wagner

The next two days are all about Tolia Titaev. Today we present you with moving images, tomorrow we present you with Tolia’s interview.

This video shows Tolia cruising with friends and having fun but it also has some pretty hard tricks like the Backside Smith grind in Paris. Tolia was a not only a big part of Place issue 55 he is also a big part of why we like Russia. We will continue to follow his path both in the skateboard world and all the other worlds he is a part of.

If you don’t know Julian Klincewicz, Stas Galaktionov and Brian Elliot. They do great work outside of skating you and you should familiarize yourself with their work.

Photo by: Alexey Lapin / @lapinotomy