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We had the pleasure to be at the premiere of Skateboardcafe’s new video “Tenor” in Bristol and it was lovely to see how tight-knitted the scene is and how the brand holds a special place in everyone’s heart. 10 years of Skateboardcafe is a big one and we hope it stays around for a long time. Congrats guys, you smashed it once again!

Filmed & edited by Rich Smith. Check out their new collection HERE.

Applying griptape onto your board in winter can be pretty tricky. You never know if it will stay in place or just peel off while skating. With the help of videographer Jim Craven, Dom Henry shows us that MOB Grip does the job – even in the cold Copenhagen winter days.

We love everything about this. A true masterpiece produced on over two-decade-old equipment. MUST WATCH!

Filmed & Edited by Quentin Guthrie and feat.: Dom Henry, Arthur Derrien Josh Pall, Will Harmon, Nora Vasconcellos just to name a few.

Skateboard Cafe just released their new promo!

Featuring: Harry Ogilvie, Ollie Lock, Dom Henry, Shaun Currie, Josh Arnott, Sam Nobbs, Savannah Stacey Keenan, Korahn Gayle & Layth Sami.

A Free Mag unexclusive to keep their talents rather low-key. We see you Arthur& Will! Good one, Quentin Guthrie.

Feat.: Kyron Davis, Dan West, Mark Rowe, Shaun Witherup, Conor Charleson, Will Creswick, Pani Paul, Tristan Rudman, Froby, Mikey Patrick, Manny Lopez, Charlie Munro, James Ahern, Corey Young, Rowan White, Justin Biddle, Caradog Emanuel, Jason Caines, Will Harmon, Guy Jones, Jim Silver, Digby Luxton, Max Couling, Casey Foley, Tom Snape, Arthur Derrien, Erildo Boccacci, JP Villa and Dom Henry.

Another great Threadcleaner production, which draws inspiration from Supernaut skateboard’s “Legacy” video. Say what you want we are sure you will be pausing the video to read those great little text insertions: *Video parts starting with a 360 flip or *Videos ending with a Backtail (See the video for answers.).

Anyway, we feel that in 2017 behind the scenes, turns around and stands in front of the camera (metaphorically speaking of course) and Supervisual is a fine example of one the new ways to keep skate videos exciting in 2017.

Politic is a cool brand and the whole Division video is worth watching but Danny Renaud is THE reason! I don’t think there ever was a skater before him, that fell from a building broke both his legs was in rehab for the longest and managed to come back with a full part! You be the judge but don’t underestimate how much this comeback must have cost him.