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During the premiere of Leon Rudolph’s new video, somebody asked: “Why is this video called Practice?” The answer lies in the opening shot of this video.

Pressed play, still no clue? You probably don’t watch the NBA, Leon does, he got the inspiration for his newest video from a Basketball legend Allen “A.I.” Iverson.

Iverson was at the peak of his skills and got asked about his performance during practice and his response is simply legendary.

Press play and listen to Iverson’s wisdom and watch Leon’s newest video featuring People like:

Jun Kummer, Hyun Kummer, Cephas Benson, Benny Urban, Santiago Sasson, David Jakinda, Farid Ulrich, Peter Buikema, Moritz Alte and many more.

I clearly remember when this project started, I was talking to Leon Rudolph and I asked: “Why don’t you do full-length videos anymore?” He answered: “Right now, I just don’t want to wait to put something out.” Leon did do a lot this year, he did some stuff for Converse Cons, Cleptomanicx and a couple of independent short videos. So an idea crept into our mind, what if we ask Leon to remix his 2016 work into one longer project? He loved the idea, and from that moment we started to talk regularly about the project, Leon would bring up ideas and started working on the project, he even found a date and a location to premiere the project. Yesterday the video had its premiere in Kassel it premiered together with Jonathon the Dog’s new project. So with, that out the way we are proud to introduce to you Leon Rudolph’s newest project “U Already Know” for PLACE, Enjoy!

Featuring: Danny Sommerfeld, Jonas Hess, Jan Hoffmann, Daniel Pannemann, Hyun Kummer (Versace_Germany), Jun Kummer (Seoul_air), Steffen Grap, Franz Grimm, Max Sand, Moritz Alte and much more.

It seems that every time we fly somewhere Leon finds the urge to release something new, the last time we were instantly hooked and the video became our pre-session go-to skate clip. This one is special because it contains the first “real” Max Sand footage in a long time! Max is the kind of skater we have come to love, he possesses the right balance between board control, a do or die attitude and a way to make any type of make a good one. Max can get away with stuff a lot of us can’t, one-foot landings, clipping a ledge, an out of balance kick turn often followed by a look into the camera. He just makes you want to go out and skate and that is the most important thing.

Additionally, we want to give you some insight into why this thing is called 2backpacks. In a way, it is an homage, firstly to Danny Sommerfeld’s skating and secondly to a guy in Bremen who recognized Danny and told his friend “Do you see that guy? He always carries two backpacks, one for his stuff and one for his big nutsack!” A classic remark that stuck with all that were present.

Every year there are a lot of companies and crews that want to do a tour or to just spend a couple of days in Berlin. The skaters want to see and skate the famous spots like Kulturforum, Naga, Polendenkmal, Bänke, Frankfurter Tor and many other. Recently, the German Converse Cons team riders Daniel Pannemann, Danny Sommerfeld, and Jonas Heß met in Berlin to produce a clip, yet with a whole different approach. Next to some of the before mentioned famous spots, they rather tried to find something else, something that gives the viewer a new perspective of the endless possibilities a city like Berlin can offer. With this aim in mind, they chose the right photographer, Henrik Biemer, who is known for his unique way in which he depicts the place he calls home, whereby he is always looking for some new ways to shoot something whenever he goes out to skate.

Text by Paul Röhrs

All Photos by Biemer

Es ist schon ganz schön verwunderlich einen fast 2 Minuten langen Mix Part mit einem Inline Skater in sein Full Lenght Video zu packen – die guten Jungs aus Kassel von Jonathon the Dog haben genau das in ihrem “Tropical Zander” Video getan. Einfach weil sie wissen, dass Skaten mehr ist als nur NBD und ABD – eigentlich is eh alles woscht: Am Ende geht es darum, mit der richtigen Gang unterwegs zu sein, dann fühlen sich auch die schlimmsten Kickflips an wie Banger. Spassbrille an und Fullscreenvorhang auf für ‘ne coole Session, Alder!